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B.R. Shropshire
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
ElfGrove Studio
B.R. Shropshire
(Call me ElfGrove, E.G., Elf, or Elfie.)

I'm a Software Engineer by profession, an artist, writer, and cosplayer by hobby. My first love is mythology and legends --particularly of the Northern European variety. Fantasy/SciFi novels, comics, Japanese anime, and the rest are all secondary.
I'm forgetful. If I don't do something I promised you, shoot me a note. Remind me.
Priority Projects: Batgirls!!, Gwarcheidwad: Guardian+spiriT, Overhill, Schwäne Zwei, and CotND
Current Fandom Obsessions: [Anime/Manga] Slayers, Princess Tutu, Fairy Tail, VB Rose, I Hate You More Than Anyone; [DC Comics] Bart Allen, Kon-El, Cassie Sandsmark, Tim Drake, Jamie Reyes, Micheal Jon Carter, Stephanie Brown, 3boot!Brainiac 5, 3boot!Dream Girl, 3boot!Legion of SuperHeroes, Teen Titans, Young Justice, The Flash Family; [TV] Castle, Warehouse 13, Haven, Destination Truth, No Ordinary Family; [Other] The Last Unicorn, Labyrinth, Pride & Prejudice, Steampunk
LiveLournal: elfgrove_studio & lycorne
Tumblr: ElfGrove, FYMoonGuardians, BatgirlsManga
Twitter: ElfGrove

None of my art or original characters are available for general use without getting my permission in writing. This includes, reposting, making icons, or anything else you might think of. Ask me FIRST. I'm not as mean as I appear.
dA Etiquette Stamp by elfgrove

Current Residence: San Diego, CA
Operating System: Windows XP / Unix
Shell of choice: Bourne Shell
Personal Quote: Let me be your "Shining Armor".
Interests Surprise! Alien Planet Made of Diamond Discovered

"The once mythical diamond planet, which reflects the light of the universe. The light of the universe is what keeps the planets and other worlds happy and warm. Some suspect it's power is similar to that of the Sun."
"The Diamond Planet, all the light in the universe has to pass through it."
~ Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

Your life has just been made a little more complete. You're welcome. ;)

...Crap. Now that damn Princess is going to ruin color for everyone!
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Aburameclanhead Dec 29, 2013  Student Writer
Happy Birthday! :party: :ahoy:
Happy B-Day ^_^
TGI-Zuzume Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Bees Day, Yo!
Aburameclanhead Dec 29, 2012  Student Writer
Happy Birthday! :party: :ahoy:
Happy Birthday!!! :party: :cake: :party:
Kanada-san Aug 21, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Do you do art trades?
TheFlyingDachshund Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you for the fave!! :)
lavie-chan-lady Jun 1, 2012   Traditional Artist
thanks for the fav!
Your essay about Star Saphires is great, thou I didnt understand much of It.

I cant post in tumblr, but I wanted to say I think the Zamarons are indeed sexist and have a deformed vision of feminism, feminity and gender.

It can be because the violet is an extreme color in the espectrum, But is more probably that their Queen has a deformed view of the world akin to Appa of the Guardians.

Appa deems every emotion "useless" and every race "inferior" for their emotions, also Aga'po deems men unworthy and her distorted views on feminty comes from that (basically using the same male dicotomy of genders but puting the Femenine atributes on top of the hierarchy).

That seen for Aga'po the derogatory term "emotional" is an honor for a woman to carry, etc.

The rest of your essay is flawless, exept for the WiR part, cause not all the deads were equally important.
elfgrove May 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I really dislike trying to hold conversations about something in a locale completely unrelated to where the conversation itself is. You could sign up for a Tumblr account if you want to join that conversation. It's no more difficult than DA.

But if you don't understand a post, trying to argue against it probably isn't a good spot to start.

The extreme nature of the power is a fact from the comics, and based on the episode is likely also the point in the cartoon, just as the Oa Guardian's Green Lanterns are intended to be will above the contamination of emotion (leading to the Guardians casting out Ganthet last week), and the Red Lanterns and Atrocitus taking rage to naught but revenge. The leaders may be the start of the extremism, but it gets applied through the rings and power batteries that they create. In the "In Love and War" episode, the niece even pointed out that the first wearing of the Star Sapphire ring commonly causes overloads like Carol Ferris's lashing out -- and Carol had that reaction before ever meeting Apa'go. Combine that with the statement that no one had ever been able to reject an SS ring before, and it seems reasonable to assume that the problem lies in the power itself, not JUST the teaching of the leader.

Sure, not all the deaths were of equal importance. M'Ten's and Grood's deaths were pretty passable. But Shyir Rev's death was pretty important further both Razer and Kilowog's narratives, as was Dulok's to Iolande. It makes the score pretty even in my eye, except that Shyir's death provided a hell of a lot more character depth than any of the others. Ilana's plot is a pretty egregious case of fridging, but when the narrative is visiting death fairly liberally on everyone -- it's one case of ick, and the rest being a pretty even spread so that it's not as horrible as it could be for the show overall.
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